Powertrain Components

Efficient Engineering Through Strong Partnerships

For more than ninety years, Means has engineered precision components for the automotive industry such as powertrain components and transmission clutch components. In that time, our services have grown and evolved through continuous refinement and strategic customer partnerships. Influenced by our work with Japanese engineering teams, our own team of stamping experts has built a process based on lean principles and rigorous design. Our process and powertrain design capabilities are proven by our engineering case studies and our ability to design and advance powertrain innovations.


Our powertrain and transmission components pass through a ten-point production process designed for error proofing and optimal separator shear/roll, breakout control, and flatness. This gives our customers consistent and competitive clutch plates that stand up to the most rigorous requirements.

Means Process Capability

  • Flatness capability within 0.2 mm / part
  • 100% Process Capable (1.33 CPK) on all print Characteristics
  • High Edge Quality – 0 Double Break, Uniform Break Out
  • Controlled Break – Less than 0.3 mm

Clutch Plates

Means specializes in clutch systems, core plates, and separator plates for automotive transmissions. We have the capability and experience to deliver tightly toleranced clutch plates at high volumes while maintaining stellar quality.  

Components - Core Plates

Core Plates

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Components - Separator Plates

Separator Plates

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