Powertrain Expertise

Since 1922, Means, one of the Amsted Industries, has partnered with OEM engineers to produce pioneering automotive solutions.  Known for customer service, rigorous design and quality products, Means has demonstrated industry leadership by introducing new technologies like Roller In-Die Spline Forming, and our Mechanical Diode and Controllable Mechanical Diode One-Way Clutch technologies.   

Our Story

Headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan, Means began as a metal stamping plant. We have since grown into two business units: Propulsion Systems and TransForm Products, both focused on progressing Powertrain technology. Today, Means remains committed to producing forward-thinking innovation and delivering robust engineering and manufacturing solutions to our clients.

Means works closely with customers very early in the design cycle, in multi-disciplinary teams to yield the most effective solutions. This enables our sales, engineering, and manufacturing teams to support clients from the conceptual phase straight through to design and integration.

Relentless Engineering

  • 4M / year OWCs
  • 1M / year Welded-Assemblies
  • New plant in Shelby TWP
  • Clutch Systems plant expansion
  • Means begins Shipments to Japan
  • Means begins shipping globally to China, Korea, Europe, and North America
  • Saginaw West – Launches Precision Clutch Plates production
  • Clutch System plant Expansion
  • First Flow Formed part out of new London, ON Location
  • Transform – Fully Acquired by Means
  • First Welded-Assembly shipped
  • First Roller Die Spline Technology in NA
  • Means Joins Amsted
  • Clutch Systems Operation begin at 3715 E. Washington Saginaw
  • Saginaw West Expansion
  • 1M / year MD OWC sold
  • First Mechanical Diode OWC shipped
  • Means Acquired Sigma Manufacturing & Vassar Manufacturing- Launching its clutch plate business
  • Means is selling Parts to the Big  3 North American OEMs
  • Means established by Ralph Means