Controllable Mechanical Diode Clutch

Pioneering the Future of Clutch Systems

A need had arisen for a clutch that could do it all. It needed to lock in both directions, offer passive engagement, turn on and off, reduce parasitic loss, and take up less space.  Building on its experience with MDs, Means was determined to crack the code to a Controllable Mechanical Diode (CMD) Selectable One-Way Clutch.

Experience + New Perspective
Having tackled multilayered projects like this in the past, Means’ project architects leveraged their MD expertise and formed new partnerships to meet the challenge. Then in 2009, Means cooperatively published the first research paper proving that a CMD was possible.
Relentless Exploration
Building on our initial results, Means started working with North American, Japanese, and European partners to incorporate CMDs into a wide range of systems. Today CMD’s are being considered for increasingly complex system-level interactions, and are being integrated into multiple OEM platforms across the globe.