The Birth of the MD
A clutch to handle remarkable torque
Means Industries changed the rules when we launched our Mechanical Diode Clutch. With nearly 40 million in use today, this revolutionary technology provides superior torque density, robustness, and drag torque reduction in OEM gearboxes. The result is a lighter, more efficient clutch system that can handle more torque and run with less resistance.
Propulsion Systems
A clutch that does it all
When the market demanded efficient multi-modal clutches, Means saw an opportunity to redefine the industry. Now working to commercialize one of the most revolutionary clutch technologies in over 50 years, Means is continually refining the Controllable Mechanical Diode (Selectable One-Way Clutch). Our engineers are developing the technology for applications in automatic transmissions, hybrids, EV’s and beyond.
The Right Tool for the Job
TransForm was one of the first suppliers to propose flowforming as a method to produce splined transmission components in aluminum. Through extensive experience in flowforming trials, our TransForm business unit proved that it was a viable way to offer lighter weight components that could still get the job done. By pioneering solutions for tomorrow’s Powertrain needs, TransForm developed a process that saved money, cut down on extra operations, and used fewer parts.