Aluminum FlowForming

Advanced Aluminum Metal Forming

A client approached TransForm to produce a RWD transmission component. Traditional thinking assumed that the component must be Die Cast, however, the client had some very complex radial packaging requirements that would be better satisfied by a flowformed Aluminum part. The component also needed straight walls, something that required a secondary operation to achieve in Die Casting. Straight walls can be accomplished with flowforming but, although the process is used in many Automotive Powertrain applications, it had never been used for splined transmission components made from Aluminum.

New Approach = Better Results
Our engineers proposed Aluminum Flowforming as an innovative option for this application and offered up the best solution for producing the part – and pioneered new possibilities for the future.
Theories into Practice
TransForm was confident this was feasible due to extensive flowforming trials and simulations on aluminum. In an effort to research new ways to reduce mass, TransForm had discovered methods of flowforming aluminum that could meet standard strength requirements. The resulting component saved transmission cost, reduced secondary operations, optimized space, and eliminated surrounding components.